COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Update

We just want you to know that the office, although working remotely during this crisis, has full access to all of your files and we are updating all discovery in any open cases. Please contact us here.

We understand this a very stressful time for all our clients and friends and we stand ready to help you with any issues that arise while social distancing. Although we cannot meet face-to-face during the pandemic, we have instituted Zoom capabilities and if you wish a virtual face-to-face then call and we can schedule an initial in-take call regarding our available services or to help existing clients with this online video tool.

These are difficult times that require us all to work remotely and to a degree harder than we once did but together we can stem the tide and get past this horrible virus. We look forward to a day when we can return to our “normal” routines but until then, rest assured we are taking all actions to help your family law needs.