Collaborative Divorce

What You Need To Know About Collaborative Divorce

Do you think that putting the proverbial gloves on, getting into the divorce fighting ring and then making the other side “pay” for what they have done to you is the only type of divorce? Then perhaps an alternative where both parties can walk away with their dignity, knowing that they have worked toward an amicable common goal and do not “hate each other forever” would be better? Think of collaborative law. The Law Office of Philip A. McLeod, P.A., has helped clients throughout Florida work through this process.

An Alternative For Those Who Can Work Together

Collaborative law is an excellent alternative to the traditional court-based, “fight at all costs” litigation system of divorce. It costs less, takes less time, causes less stress and should be considered by every divorcing couple. The spouses themselves, of course, can always decide to go to court and terminate the collaborative law process at any time.

The lawyers’ jobs are to facilitate the creation of a broader range of possible settlement alternatives for both parties than would otherwise be available in court. This process provides higher quality, individualized solutions that both parties find acceptable rather than turning their lives over to a judge who may or may not understand their needs and desires.

In a well-managed collaboration, each spouse is provided the opportunity to play a primary role in the creation, design, and implementation of a quality solution to their marital dissolution disputes in a controlled and emotionally safe process. We can help you work through this process from beginning to end and answer all of your questions in between.

Don’t Wait; Call Today

Parties who design their own outcome are always better off than the traditional system. The emotional and financial costs of the traditional system will always take its toll on the family. To learn how we can help, contact our office in St. Petersburg at 727-823-2527 or fill out our contact form.