Case Management

Case Management: An Overview

Sometimes, a court will decide you have to go through a process called case management. This is a hearing before the court for the attorneys to tell the judge where the case is proceeding and how long they think it will take to prepare it for trial. Law Office of Philip A. McLeod, P.A., has helped clients dealing with this process throughout Florida for over 40 years.

What You Can Expect

Once the matter has been heard at case management, and if you have previously mediated and reached an impasse, it will be set for pre-trial. The attorneys will appear before the court and set the time and date for the hearing. We pride ourselves on our open communication, so we will keep you up to date as the process goes on.

It will be necessary that we provide a list of all witnesses and identify all documents which we intend to use at trial. Your help is instrumental in this process and we ask that you identify all witnesses whom you believe would assist with the trial and all documents which you believe would be beneficial to the court at trial to prove our case.

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We look forward to dealing with you in this very stressful time of your life and hope that you will help us improve the practice should you see any area in which we may improve. Working together we will get the best results and benefits for you. Call our office in St. Petersburg at 727-823-2527 or fill out our contact form.