Reasons to get a prenup before saying “I do”
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Reasons to get a prenup before saying “I do”

| Jan 14, 2021 | Firm News |

While many couples in Florida are optimistic that their marriage will be able to stand the test of time, the reality is that not all unions will last. Divorce is a reality that needs to be considered before and during a marriage, making it imperative that partners consider how best to address the possibility of the relationship not lasting. This is where pre-marital documents could be beneficial.

Prenuptial agreements were originally thought to be just for the rich and famous. While these individuals are very likely to include a prenup in their union, one does not need to be wealthy or a celebrity to benefit from a premarital document.

Reasons to get a prenup

With an increase in the usage of prenuptial agreements, it is important to understand why couples get a prenup. Some of these are obvious and a continued reason to include this document in a marriage. To begin, if a partner comes from money, a prenup is often used to protect the partner’s inheritance or their expected inheritance.

A wealth-generating family business is often a catalyst for a prenup. Similarly, if a partner currently has a business or is planning to start a business, a prenuptial agreement can provide necessary protections for business in the event of a divorce.

Simplify divorce process

Divorces can be messy and time consuming. A prenup could help spell out the process, guiding the process when it comes to property division and other issues. Additionally, if this is not a person’s first marriage, a prenup could help protect children from a previous relationship and their stake in an inheritance or the like. Finally, a prenuptial agreement could help spell out what happens in the event of death, ensuring the surviving spouse gets the monies they require.

Although it is not easy to talk about divorce before a marriage has even begun, it is a practical step to take. Divorce can be emotional, messy and challenging; therefore, it is beneficial for partners to consider what could be done to ease this process while also preserving and protecting their rights and interests.