How can you work out your child custody and visitation issues?
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How can you work out your child custody and visitation issues?

| Oct 28, 2020 | Uncategorized |

For parents in Florida, there is perhaps no legal issue that can cause as much frustration and worry as child custody and visitation disputes. This is understandable, since most parents want what is best for their children. However, the problems arise when parents disagree on what, exactly, is best for their children. So, how can parents in Florida work out their child custody and visitation issues?

Explore all the options

Well, for starters, many parents are able to work through these issues in out-of-court negotiations – despite their differences. By exploring the possibility of this option, parents may be able to more freely discuss their opinions and attempt to arrive at arrangements and schedules that work for all involved. Once an agreement is set, that agreement can then be approved by the family law court.

But, there are undeniably some situations that are more difficult, or the parents are not able to work together all that well. In such situations, alternative dispute resolution approaches may be possible, such as mediation. These processes can bring in a neutral third-party to attempt to help the parents reach a solid agreement.

If all else fails, each parent will be able to present their case in a child custody hearing in family law court. Although these hearings can seem somewhat informal, based on the nature of the issue, the fact remains that parents still need to be able to put together strong legal arguments in a persuasive approach if they want the judge to rule in their favor. Parents in Florida should be sure to get more information about their own unique case when they are dealing with child custody and visitation legal issues.