How can I request a child support modification?
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How can I request a child support modification?

| Jul 22, 2020 | Divorce |

Either parent may request a modification of child support orders. However, there must be a compelling reason to make this request, and the request must follow the guidelines set by law.

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, you need to have a significant change in your circumstances or not have had a review in the past three years before you can request a modification. In addition, your obligation cannot end within the next six months.

Significant changes

Significant changes are anything that would trigger the court to change your order. It might be that you lost your job, had your work hours decrease or switched jobs. If your earnings change by quite a bit, then you would count that as a significant change.

Changes may also be something not related directly to your income or employment, such as having another child. They may also include differences in your visitation or living situations. For example, if your child starts living with you instead of the other parent, then this is something to bring to the court’s attention. Serious medical issues with your child is another reason to request modification since it will impact the financial care of the child.

Every three years

Regardless of whether you have any changes in your lives, the law states that you have a right to a review of your case every three years. This applies to you and the other parent. It does not matter if you pay or receive the support as the law believes you both have the right to a review of your case to ensure fairness and that support is adequate for the needs of your child.