Why should you refrain from a custody battle?
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Why should you refrain from a custody battle?

| Feb 27, 2020 | Firm News |

When a marriage deteriorates, it can be messy. Divorces can be volatile, messy and emotionally charged. This is an added complication when children are involved. It is easy for parents to think about their relationship and feelings towards the other parent, rather than the truth of the relationship between the other parent and child. Many parents engage in custody battles with their former spouse without thinking about the best interests of the child, according to Huffington Post. 

To take part in a custody battle is actually more detrimental to the child than you might expect. This does not mean that if you have reasons to limit custody, you should not seek out this action, but you may want to evaluate your intentions. Most parents think that they have their child’s best interests at heart, but it is not always the case. 

When you are in the middle of a heated custody battle, your child may believe that you care more about the fight than you do about your child. Children are resilient, but they are still children and the stress and drama from a custody battle can negatively affect them. For instances where there is drug addiction and child abuse, sole custody is crucial and beneficial for the child. 

In some cases, however, a custody battle exacerbates the conflict, leads to distrust and hurts the ability for the parents to co-parent. Shared parenting is typically the best option for parents. This is not equal parenting, but it is when both parents have at least 33% of a timeshare with their kids.