Trust A Firm With More Than 40 Years Of Experience

The Law Office of Philip A. McLeod, P.A., is a small local firm that specializes in family law. Some attorneys claim to practice several areas of the law. We recognize that doing so would spread ourselves thin. Like most professions, focusing on only one aspect of the law keeps us at the forefront of changes to case law and statutes.

Trust A Firm With More Than 40 Years Of Experience

No two families are the same, and we are committed to providing you with creative solutions to your unique situation. We approach each client with an open mind and a commitment to understanding their needs. Your concerns are always our top priority, and we tackle each hurdle as it comes. We have experience in many different areas of family law, including:

No matter where you’re at in the process, we can help. We have built a reputation throughout the community as being approachable and kind. To learn more about our attorney and his experience, you can click on his individual biography below:

We understand how difficult and overwhelming the process can be. By taking the burden off your shoulders, we can help you move forward. Don’t take on the complicated legal system alone.

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